How does it work?

How does it work?


•    Register via the form on the website
•    You will automatically receive our newsletters and we will keep you updated about the progress

Online lease up application for the apartment

•    From the start rental date you can register online for an apartment of your choice
•    All apartment types will be on the website with floorplans, prices, etc. 
•    Apartments are allocated via an automatic system
•    If all apartments are reserved, you can register for the back up list

All-in rental

•    MB275 doesn’t only provide you with an apartment, you have direct access to the all-in living package
•    Service Desk, gym, two launderettes, rooftop terrace, internet & TV-connection, bicycle shed and much more…

Allocation of apartments

•    In case an apartment is allocated to you, you will receive a notification
•    If you accept the apartment you will receive a request to pay your application fee. By paying the application fee you agree to lease the apartment

Contract procedure

•    Signing of the contract will happen online (within a timeframe of 48 hours)
•    Before signing the contract you will be requested to pay a deposit
•    The base rent depends on your apartment type
•    The all-in living package is to add on top of the extra amount per month
•    Minimum lease is 1 year, maximum lease is 5 year


Welcome in MB275!

•    About 1 month before the hand over we will inform you about the move in period
•    Approximately 1 week in advance you will receive a date and time to arrange the hand over of the keys and to provide you with more information about living in MB275