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Booking process

How can I apply for an apartment?

To apply:

  1. Register your interest by contacting the onsite team directly or joining the waiting list. The onsite team will then contact you regarding availability.
  2. Once confirmed, you will receive a link and temporary password to sign up. You can then change your password directly.
  3. You will be prompted to upload documents (incl. copy of identification and proof of enrolment or employer’s statement and copy contract) NOTE: It is not possible for you to update your personal details. If you wish to change them, please let us know at, and we will update them for you.
  4. We will then approve these documents and send you an invitation to pay the deposit for your apartment (please pay the deposit within 48 hours of receiving the invitation)
  5. We will be notified when the deposit is paid. We will then send you the contract to sign digitally. Please complete signing the contract within 48 hours.
  6. After you have signed the contract digitally, we will countersign it and send you a copy signed by both parties.
What documents do I need to provide for my application?

You will need the following:
• Proof of student status (previous or current)
• Valid identification document
• Proof of employment status: 

  • Employment contract – indefinite period (if you are eligible for the lower deposit, also provide a salary slip (max. 3 months old)
  • Employment contract – temporary contract in combination with an employer’s statement

• Proof of enrolment with the chamber of commerce (minimum 1 year)
• Recent profit and loss statement (maximum 3 months old)

Can I see the apartment floorplans?

Of course. These are available to view here.

Can I view a model apartment?

We are very happy to show you any apartment, if available. It is of course possible to schedule a viewing of the rest of the property, including the courtyard, service desk etc. Please contact

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, you can register here. We will contact you as soon as there is availability.

What happens after I have signed my contract?

We will contact you to confirm your move-in date (most likely in the first or second week after your official lease start date. This is to allow a few days for our team to complete any repairs or maintenance required). The first month’s rent will start on the date specified in your contract as the lease start date.

What types of contracts are possible at MB275?

Young Professional contract: from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum 5-year stay, after which a notice period of 1 calendar month applies.

How do I stop my rental agreement? Can I do this in my first year?

After the minimum stay of 12 months, you can give notice one calendar month in advance (minimum) by sending an email to the Service Desk. Please note that your termination is only final after you have received a written confirmation from MB275. Please check the General Terms & Conditions.


Do I need a housing permit?

To rent an apartment at MB275 you will need to apply for a housing permit with the municipality of The Hague. Note that you will need this permit before you move in to MB275. Find out more one the municipality website.

Can someone else guarantee my application, as I can’t meet the income requirements?

No, we cannot accept guarantors unfortunately.

If I suddenly become unemployed, can I still live at MB275?

Yes, so long as you can still afford the monthly rent including comfort and facility costs.

What are the qualification criteria for MB275?

To rent at MB275 you must be:
- Aged 18 to 27 (at move-in date)
- Have (in the past) been enrolled in a bachelor/master study
- Be working or studying


What is the apartment base rent?

Base rents exclude service costs and vary per apartment type. Click here for an overview of actual rents per apartment type.

Are you 23 years old or older? Then you may be eligible for housing allowance. This is dependent on your income and your private capital. For more information see: here

What is included in my monthly fee?

We offer more than just rental apartments at MB275. For a monthly service charge on top of the base rent you will have access to a range of onsite amenities including a gym and roof terrace. This fee also covers the maintenance and cleaning of the common areas, as well as electricity, water, internet, flooring and furniture. Go to our services charges page for more information about these costs.

How much is the deposit?

If you have an indefinite employment contract, a Dutch nationality and a monthly net income of at least 4.5 times the base rent, the deposit is €750. If you do not meet the above criteria, the deposit is €1,500.

What do I pay for utilities (water, heating and electricity) in my apartment?

Water, heating and electricity is arranged collectively, so you pay a lower price. An advance payment is included in the monthly rent and will be settled every year, based on your actual use.

Will the rent increase every year?

The rent increases are legally defined. Every year in April you will receive a letter with the annual increase as per the following July.

How much is the application fee?

The application fee is €100. Once your application is finalised, this application fee will be refunded, by means of balancing out with the €100 move-in fee (so there is no additional amount to be paid at move-in). MB275 reserves the right to deny an application. If the application is denied on grounds other than those mentioned in the qualification criteria (FAQ), we will refund the full application fee.

Your apartment

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed at MB275.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

Smoking is prohibited inside MB275, in both your apartment and communal areas. It is possible to smoke on your private balcony (if applicable), and in the designated areas in the courtyard.

Can I live with someone in my apartment?

Yes, this is allowed for apartments bigger than 30sqm. Note: this person must also register for the apartment. All apartments are furnished with just one bed, so they are only suitable for couples. See our floorplans to check their suitability, as not all apartments over 30sqm have a separate bedroom area. There will be one main tenant, and one co-occupant. For the co-occupant we charge an additional fee for the use of utilities, and facilities. 
Note: the maximum income for the housing permit applies to the combined income.

Can I invite my friends and family to visit?

Of course. The common areas are however only accessible by MB275 tenants.

Can I sublet my apartment?

No, this is not permitted. Failure to adhere to this rule may lead to the immediate termination of your contract and a high financial penalty, as described in the General Terms & Conditions.

Can I make any changes to my apartment?

Yes of course, feel free to decorate your apartment according to your taste. However, you are not permitted to drill holes in the walls. All apartments are furnished with picture rails, so you can hang your favourite artwork.

For your safety, all apartments have a smoke detector. It is strictly prohibited to manipulate the smoke detectors.

Are the apartments all furnished?

All apartments have high quality PVC flooring, wall finishing, picture rails and curtain rails, and are fully furnished. The furniture package is adjusted based on the apartment type and size. For example, some apartments have a lounge chair instead of a couch and the size of the wardrobe can vary. Apartments also include a (desk) table with one, two or four chairs. Check the floorplans to see what furniture is included in each apartment type.

Can I have guests sleep over in my apartment?

Of course, it is permitted for guests to stay occasionally, as long as no nuisance is caused. Please note that you are fully responsible for your guests.

I am leaving my apartment for more than 2 weeks, what should I do?

If you are planning to leave your apartment for longer than two weeks, please empty your fridge/freezer, dispose your garbage, unplug all electrical devices, close your windows and turn your heating down. We would appreciate it if you could inform the Service Desk via email if you are planning to leave for more than two weeks.

Amenity spaces

Is there internet available in the common areas?

No, only in the apartments.

Is there secured parking for my bicycle, car, scooter and/or motorbike?

Yes, there is one covered bicycle spot reserved per apartment. We also offer a limited number of car and scooter parking spots for rent.

Are there facilities for children?

No, MB275 does not offer any facilities for children. Our apartments are not designed for people with children.

Is the building secure?

The building entrance doors have electronic locks, and the building itself is secured with cameras (24/7). Our professional security team also undertakes several patrols of the building in the evenings and at night.

Can I live sustainably at MB275?

MB275 was built in the 1970s and converted into a modern living space for students and young professionals – more sustainable than demolition. All electricity used at MB275 - both in our apartments and to charge the electric cars – is green (either wind or solar). The building also has led-lights only.


What have you put in place to keep the building COVID-19 secure?

We will follow the most up-to-date Dutch government’s Covid-19 secure guidelines to continue to protect all our residents and onsite team. These will be clearly communicated throughout our buildings. In addition, we have increased the frequency and method of cleaning communal areas and commonly touched items such as buttons and door handles. We will continue to update all residents on any changes on Governmental regulations and measures and the implications for your building.

Do I have to wear a facemask when walking through the building?

Although not mandatory, we strongly recommend all residents and visitors to wear a non-medical facemask when using the elevators and when moving through our public spaces.

What happens if I (or my partner) are tested positive on Covid-19?

If you test positive or if you are self-isolating for suspected Covid-19 exposure, we urge you to inform the Service Desk via telephone or email. We would like to stay informed to assist you wherever we can and help limit the spread of the virus. To reassure you, we will of course respect your privacy. Due to privacy restrictions, we will not and cannot disclose if/which residents are self-isolating. This is up to the discretion of the individual concerned or the authorities.

Can I ask for support if I need to self-quarantine?

If you test positive or if you are self-isolating for suspected COVID-19 exposure, please inform your Service Desk via telephone or email. We are here to assist wherever we can, and we will of course respect your privacy. We can help you with practical stuff such as taking out garbage and deliver your (online) groceries to your door.

What happens if (other) residents in the building are tested positive on Covid-19?

We continue to urge all residents to inform the Service Desk when tested positive of while self-isolating for suspected Covid-10 exposure. We would like to stay informed to assist wherever we can and help limit the spread of the virus. Due to privacy restrictions, we will not and cannot disclose if/which residents are self-isolating. This is up to the discretion of the individual concerned or the authorities. Therefore, it is crucial that everyone continues to respect the Govermental measures and guidelines on hygiene and social distancing.

If the amenity spaces are closed due to governmental restrictions, will we get compensated for this?

We only close the amenity spaces if this is required as a result of the Dutch governmental measures and restrictions. If so, we will financially compensate service charge contributions for these communal facilities.

Where can I get tested?

We urge everybody to get tested if you have respiratory symptoms (coughing, rhinitis, sore throat or pneumonia), often accompanied with fever or if you have been in contact with an infected person or at an increased risk of having been infected as part of contact tracing efforts. This test is free of charge. For more information and test locations, please visit (available in English) or call: 0800 1202.

Will the Service Desk continue to be available during Covid-19?

Yes, your Service Team will continue to provide services and assist Residents wherever they can. In order to limit unnecessary exposure of residents as well as the members or our Service Team, resident's are kindly asked to reach out to the Service Team via email and telephone when possible. 

How do you execute Covid-proof maintenance works in my apartment?

When you submit a mantainance request via the resident portal, our team will call you first to ask you some basic health questions. Of course, should your health condition change before the maintenance issue is solve, we kindly ask you to inform us.  Our Tech Support or technical partner will ask you some basic health questions again before they enter the apartment. If they have any doubt of your physical wellbeing, they are strictly instructed not to enter the apartment. In that situation, the Service Desk will contact you by phone to make further arrangements. The mechanics are required to wear a facemask and gloves. The mechanic will ask you to open the windows for extra ventilation before entering the apartment. Also, you will be kindly requested to wait in the hallway while your issue is fixed or wear a facemask if you prefer to stay in the apartment. A minimum of 1.5 metres social distance should always be observed.

Will you accepts my parcels?

In order to reduce exposure by individual deliveries to our buildings, please register and use MYPUP for central delivery; quick, free of charge and much more convenient whilke respecting social distancing. The lockers can be opened touchless, using the app. If you are not registered yet, please download the app or visit

Where can I find the most recent updates from the Dutch Government?

All actual measures and updates from the Dutch government can be found via (English) and the website of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) via: