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What types of contracts are possible at MB275?

Young Professional contract (maximum stay 5 years, minimum stay 1 year, after which a notice period of 1 calendar month applies)

What are the qualification criteria for MB275?
  • Age: 18 to 27 years old (at move-in date)
  • You have (in the past) been enrolled in a bachelor / master study
  • You are currently working or studying
What is the base rent of the apartments?
  • The base rent starts at €530 per month excluding service costs for the smallest apartment type.
  • The base rent is different among the different apartment types. Click HERE to see an overview of the base rent per apartment type.
  • Are you 23 years old or older? Then you might be eligible for housing allowance. This is dependent on your income and your private capital. For more information see: HERE
What does all-in mean?

We have arranged a lot of things for you at MB275. Maintenance and cleaning of the common areas, a gym, a rooftop terrace, but also services in your own apartment such as electricity, water, internet, flooring and furniture. For all these you pay a monthly fee on top of the base rent. See the page ‘all-in living’ for more information about these costs.

What is the deposit?
  • If you have an indefinite contract, a Dutch nationality in combination with a monthly net income of at least 4,5 times the base rent, the deposit is € 750.
  • If you do not meet the above criteria, the deposit is € 1.500.
How can I apply for an apartment?
  • When you meet the criteria, you can register for more information on the website. Once the leasing officially starts, we will send out an informative email with more information on how to register for an apartment.
  • See also the page: WHAT IS THE LEASING PROCEDURE / HOW CAN I APPLY for more information.
What is the amount of the application fee?
  • The application fee is €100. Once your application is finalized, the application fee will be refunded, by means of balancing out with the move-in fee of €100 (so no additional amount needs to be paid at move-in).
  • MB275 reserves the right to deny an application. If the application is denied based on other grounds than mentioned in the qualification criteria (FAQ), the full application fee will be refunded.
Do I need a housing permit?

For renting an apartment at MB275 you will need to apply for a housing permit with the municipality of The Hague. After signing the rental contract, you need to apply for a housing permit yourself. Note that you will need this permit before you move to MB275. On the website of the municipality of The Hague you will find all of the information and criteria

Which documents do I need to provide for my application?
  • Proof of student status (previous or current)
  • Valid identification document
  • Proof of employment status:
  1. Employment contract – indefinite period (if you are eligible for the lower deposit, also provide a salary slip (max. 3 months old).
  2. Employment contract – temporary contract in combination with an employer’s statement
  • Proof of enrolment with the chamber of commerce (minimum 1 year)
  1. Recent profit and loss statement (maximum 3 months old)
Can I see the floorplans of the apartments?

The floorplans can be found on the page: APARTMENTS

Can I come to see the model apartment?

The model apartment is open for individual viewings. Interested? Contact us at info@MB275.nl or by phone 070 - 2043045.

Is there a waiting list?

Once all apartments are rented, we will ininform you via the website about future availabilities.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed at MB275.

Is it allowed to smoke in my apartment?
Smoking is prohibited inside the building of MB275, so as well in your apartment. It is possible to smoke on your private balcony (if applicable), and in the designated areas in the courtyard.
Is it allowed to live together with someone in the apartments?

Yes, this is allowed for apartments which are bigger than 30m2. Note: this person has to register for the apartment as well. There will be an additional fee for the second occupant for the all-in living costs. Note that all apartments are furnished with only 1 bed, so it is suitable for couples. See the page of floorplans to see what the apartments look like, because not all apartments over 30m2 have a separate bedroom area. There will be one main tenant, and one co-occupant. For the co-occupant we charge an additional charge for the use of utilities, and facilities. Note that the maximum income for the housing permit is applicable for the combined income.

Can someone else guarantee my application, as I can’t meet the income requirements?

No, this is not necessary, however you will have to pay the higher deposit.

If I suddenly become unemployed, can I still live at MB275?

Yes, as long as you can still pay for the monthly rent including comfort and facility costs.

Can I invite my friends and family?

Of course you can invite your friends and family in your apartment. The common areas are however only accessible by the tenants of MB275.

Can I sublet my apartment?

No, this is not allowed. Please note that this might lead to immediate termination of your contract and a high financial claim as described in the General Terms & Conditions.

Can I have guests sleep over in my apartment?
Of course, it is permitted for guests to stay occasionally, as long as no nuisance is caused. Please note that you are fully responsible for your guests.
Is there internet in the common areas?
No, only in the apartments itself.
Is it allowed to adjust something in my apartment?
  • You are of course allowed to decorate your apartment according to your wishes, but it is not allowed to drill holes in the walls. All apartments are furnished with picture rails, so you can hang your favourite decoration.
  • For your safety, all the apartments have a smoke detector. It is strictly prohibited to manipulate the smoke detectors.
Are the apartments all furnished?

All apartments have high quality PVC flooring, wall finishing, picture rails and curtain rails, and are fully furnished. The furniture package is adjusted based on the apartment type and size. There are apartments with a lounge chair instead of a couch for example. Also, the size of the wardrobe can differ, and you will receive a (desk) table with one, two or four chairs. Check the floorplans to see what furniture is included in each apartment type.

What do I pay for water, heating and electricity in my apartment?

Water, heating and electricity is arranged collectively, so you pay a lower price. An advance payment is included in the monthly rent and will be settled every year or when moving out, based on the actual use.

Will the rent increase every year?
The rent increases are legally defined. You will receive every year in April a letter with the annual increase as per the following July.
How do I stop my rental agreement? Can I already do this in my first year?

After the minimum stay of 12 months, you can give notice one calendar month in advance (minimum) by sending an email to the service desk. Please note that your termination is only definite after you’ve received a written confirmation by MB275. Please check the General Terms & Conditions.

Is there secured parking for my bicycle, car, scooter and/or motorbike?

Yes, there is one bicycle spot reserved per apartment in the indoor parking. On the outside parking area there are a few parking spots available for cars and motor bikes.

What is the process after I have signed my contract?
We will contact you regarding the exact date of the handover of the keys. This is most likely in the first lease start date week. The first month’s rent will start on the date specified in your contract as lease start date.
Are there facilities for children?

MB275 does not have any facilities for children. The concept of MB275 is not targeting people with children.

Is the building secured?
The building entrance doors have electronic locks, and the building itself is secured with cameras (24/7). Next to this there is a professional security company that will walk around the building in the evenings and nights, several times per evening/night.
Can I live sustainable at MB275?

MB275 is a building from the 70’s, transformed into a modern building for students and young professionals. This is already more sustainable than demolition. All electricity used at MB275 comes from the wind or sun. this green energy is available in all apartments and will be used to charge the electric cars for example. Furthermore, the building has led-lights only.